Secure Configuration Management Playbook

December 17, 20234 min read

Playbook Objectives:

  • The aim of the Secure Configuration Management Playbook is to test and develop robustness of the company’s cybersecurity strategy.
  • It will help to identify potential weak spots in the system that could be exploited by attackers.
  • The playbook will provide training conditions that mimic real cyber threats, offering the IT team a practical understanding of how to neutralize various digital threats.
  • By the end of the simulation, the users would have gained valuable skills in managing secure configurations, dealing with complex cyber threats, and evaluating network vulnerabilities.

Difficulty level:

  • The Cyber Range Exercise will have an Intermediate difficulty level. Having a moderate level of difficulty will enable the cybersecurity team to gain essential skills while also challenging their strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities.


  • SkyTech Solutions, a well reputed and far-famed tech company, has been receiving repetitive unsuccessful system login attempts from an unidentified user trying to gain access to their servers. The potential culprits could be unauthorized third-party companies trying to steal customer data or cybercriminals intending to damage the system.
  • Considering the rising threats in the digital landscape, the company decides to run a Cyber Range Exercise using the Secure Configuration Management Playbook. Their aim is to counteract the potential threats, secure its network further, and make sure the data remains inaccessible to unauthorized personnel.
  • The company’s IT department, led by their CISO Linda, will coordinate and engage in this exercise. The objective is to safeguard the digital assets and customer data of SkyTech Solutions.


  • The cybersecurity topic that underlies this exercise is Network Security and Configuration Management, focusing on prevention and response to threats and breaches in the cyber environment.

Exercise Attack Steps:

  • First, an artificially simulated cyber attack is launched on the group and bypasses the first layer of defense attempting to infiltrate SkyTech’s network.
  • Without disrupting the ongoing operations, the cybersecurity team must quickly identify the nature of the attack and engage countermeasures to avert the ensuing threat.
  • In a coordinated effort, team members will work together to isolate the affected nodes from the rest of the network to prevent the spread of the digital threat.
  • The next step will be to conduct detailed forensics to identify the mode of entry and the severity of the threats engaged.
  • Based on the investigation results, the team members will make required changes to the secure configuration management settings, aiming to make it even more resilient against such attacks in the future.
  • Once all threats are neutralized and security configurations updated, the team will document the whole process, pin-pointing potential areas of improvement and necessary updates to the system.
  • Lastly, a comprehensive report on data breach prevention and a plan for upgrading the system security will be prepared for future reference.

The exercise will offer powerful insights into the practical application of cybersecurity, with the aim of enhancing the company’s resilience against digital threats. This practice not only prepares SkyTech Solution’s IT team for potential cyber attacks but also helps create a secure environment, increasing trust among clients and stakeholders.